Reach More Customers

LemonFresh Ignites Your Email

Improved Sender Reputation

LemonFresh detects and removes bad emails that lower your sender reputation.

Get More Emails Opened

A good sender reputation is linked to more emails being delivered and opened.

Avoid The Blacklist

Clean lists easily avoids the blacklist threshold of 1 in 20 failed emails.

What’s Great?

Inside Every LemonFresh Account


Powerful List Cleaning

We deep clean every single email address and cross reference with multiple intelligence databases.

Shoot the coder

No More Jargon

Get rid of nasty and bad emails from your list without learning geeky jargon and analysing complex graphs.


Free Check Up

Save time and money with a free email list check up. We’ll let you know the quality of your list before you deep clean.


Free Monthly Credits

Every month we’ll give you an additional 299 credits to use for cleaning your list or our developer’s API.

Peek Inside

Rejuvenate Your Stale Email List

Incredibly Easy To Use

Designed for normal busy people, not geeks.

Super Fast Turnaround

Deep clean 25,000 emails in under 7 minutes.

A Different Approach

“I wanted to create a product that just got on and did the job without customers needing to be trained. LemonFresh is clean and fresh.”

Matthew, Founder.

Should You Use LemonFresh?

Entrepreneurs, Sales Funnels & Online Stores

You’re Using MailChimp

Keep your mailing list squeaky clean from inside LemonFresh.

You’re Running An Online Business

If you’re collecting emails and sending out newsletters, you need to stay safe.

You’re Building A Sales Funnel

LemonFresh can help increase deliverability & remove bad emails upfront.

You’re Growing A Mailing List

Every month 2% of the list goes stale. Use LemonFresh to improve open rates.

You’re An Email Marketer

Great rates, deep cleaning with accurate results. Quick & easy to use.


How big is your email list?

The Quality Is All That Matters

Everyone gets 299 free credits every month

Exact5,000 CREDITS
5,000 credits, Plus 299 free credits every month

Deal 10,000 CREDITS
10,000 credits, Plus 299 free credits every month


* The price shown doesn’t include any discounts or coupons and may be subject to sales tax. Credits are valid for 90 days but are extended with each new purchase.

Squeaky Clean Email

Your Email List Is Important, So Protect It

Get an email list under 300 contacts cleaned for free, every month.

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